Max 2 Geared Motor

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Chúng tôi là nhà phân phối chính thức các sản phẩm của Samyang motor tại thị trường Việt Nam.

Quý khách có nhu cầu về các sản phẩm của Samyang motor  liên hệ trực tiếp với chúng tôi để được tư vấn nhanh hơn.

Hotline: 0974190088

Email: info@narasyg.vn

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Max 2 Geared Motor

As all parts are standardized and made into half-finished goods and so inventory is secured, all required parts are quickly assembled and supplied without new design under any requirements of users.

As such newest precision machines as shaving and grinding were introduced for manufacturing, high trust is kept for high precision and high efficiency.

Goods are compact by handling design material in computer, and have low noise and light weiight and deliver high load due
to special heat treatment and tooth form grinding.

Product Specification
#88 ~ #172
Power 0.2kW ~ 3.7kW (1/4HP ~ 5HP)
gear ratio
1/5 ~ 1/200
Horizontal(Horizontal Type)
Vertical(Vertical Type)
Line Power
Main Features
  • Wide range of Reduction gear ratio up to 1/200 in a single case
  • Can replace the existing GEARED MOTOR : installation size is shared
  • Long lifetime is assured by the previous grease lubrication method
  • Strong geared motor : Optimal case is chosen depending on torque and carburized gear making use of the AGMA safety factor is used



Một số model bán chạy năm 2017

Geared motors:

MG88, MG 105, MG 105C, MG 135, MG153, MG153105, MG172, MG172105, MG181, MG181135, MG181153, MG205, MG205153, MG235, MG270, MG270172

Công suất bao gồm: 1/4Hp, 1/2HP, 1HP, 2HP, 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP và 20HP

Tỷ số truyền bao gồm: 1:5, 1:5.5, 1:6, 1:7, 1:7.5, 1:8, 9,10,15,20,23, 25,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,75,80,90,100,120,130,150,180,200, 240, 250,280,160,300,350, 360, 400, 450,500,600,720,800,900,1000,1200

Dạng lắp: mặt bích, chân đế


Super Max Geared Motor

Model số: (# 165 ~ # 520) SM2165, SM2200, SM2225, SM2255, SM2300, SM2350, SM2420, SM2480, SM2520, SM3165, SM3200, SM3225, SM3255, SM3300, SM3350, SM3420, SM3480, SM3520

SM2165HT, SM3165HT, SM3200HT, SM2200HT, SM2165LP,  SM3165LP,  SM3200LP,  SM2200HT, SM3225HT, SM2225HT, SM2200LP, SM3225LP, SM2225LP, SM2255LP, SM3255LP, SM3255HT,SM2255HT, SM3300HT, SM2300HT, SM2255LP, SM3255LP, SM3300LP, SM2300LP, SM2300HT, SM3300HT, SM3350HT, SM2350HT, SM3300LP, SM3350LP, SM2300LP, SM2350LP, SM3420HT, SM2480HT, SM3480HT, SM2520HT, SM3520HT, SM3420LP, SM2165VT, SM3165VT, SM320VT, SM2200VT, SM3225VT, SM2225VT, SM3255VT, SM2255VT, SM3300VT, SM2300VT, SM3350VT, SM2350VT,
Công suất 1.5kW ~ 75Kw
Tỷ số truyền 1/5 ~ 1/150

Max21 Worm Reducer

WU-50,           WB-50,           WV-50,           WU-60,           WB-60,           WV-60,           WU-70,           WB-70,            WV-70,           WU-80,           WB-80,           WV-80,           WU-100,         WB-100,         WV-100,            WU-120,         WB-120,         WV-120,         WU-135,         WB-135,         WV-135,         WU-155,            WB-155,         WV-155,         WU-175,         WB-175,         WV-175,         WB-200,         WV-200,            WB-225,         WV-225,         WB-250,         WV-250,         WB-300,         WV-300,         WB-350,            WV-350,         WB-400,         WV-400,         WB-450,         WV-450,         WB-500,         WV-500,

WU50,            WB50, WV50,            WU60,            WB60, WV60,            WU70,            WB70, WV70,            WU80,            WB80, WV80,            WU100,          WB100,           WV100,          WU120,          WB120,            WV120,          WU135,          WB135,           WV135,          WU155,          WB155,           WV155,            WU175,          WB175,           WV175,          WB200,           WV200,          WB225,           WV225,            WB250,           WV250,          WB300,           WV300,          WB350,           WV350,          WB400,            WV400,          WB450,           WV450,          WB500,           WV500,

WUM-50,        WBM-50,        WVM-50,        WUM-60,        WBM-60,        WVM-60,        WUM-70,        WBM-70,            WVM-70,        WUM-80,        WBM-80,        WVM-80,        WUM-100,      WBM-100,      WVM-100,            WUM-120,      WBM-120,      WVM-120,      WUM-135,      WBM-135,      WVM-135,      WUM-155,            WBM-155,      WVM-155,      DWB-60,        DWV-60,        DWB-70,        DWV-70,        DWB-80,            DWV-80,        DWB-100,      DWV-100,      DWB-120,      DWV-120,      DWB-135,      DWV-135,            DWB-155,      DWV-155,      DWB-175,      DWV-175,      DWB-200,      DWV-200,      DWB-225,            DWV-225,      DWB-250,      DWV-250,      DWB-300,      DWV-300,      DWBM-70,     DWVM-70,            DWBM-80,     DWVM-80,     DWBM-100,   DWVM-100,   DWBM-120,   DWVM-120,   DWBM-135,            DWVM-135,   DWBM-155,   DWVM-155,   DWBM-175,   DWVM-175,   DWBM-200,   DWVM-200,            DWBM-225,   DWVM-225,

WUM50,         WBM50,         WVM50,         WUM60,         WBM60,         WVM60,         WUM70,         WBM70,            WVM70,         WUM80,         WBM80,         WVM80,         WUM100,       WBM100,       WVM100,            WUM120,       WBM120,       WVM120,       WUM135,       WBM135,       WVM135,       WUM155,            WBM155,       WVM155,       DWB60,          DWV60,         DWB70,          DWV70,         DWB80,            DWV80,         DWB100,        DWV100,       DWB120,        DWV120,       DWB135,        DWV135,            DWB155,        DWV155,       DWB175,        DWV175,       DWB200,        DWV200,       DWB225,            DWV225,       DWB250,        DWV250,       DWB300,        DWV300,       DWBM70,      DWVM70,            DWBM80,      DWVM80,      DWBM100,    DWVM100,    DWBM120,    DWVM120,    DWBM135,            DWVM135,    DWBM155,    DWVM155,    DWBM175,    DWVM175,    DWBM200,    DWVM200,            DWBM225,    DWVM225,


SR008, SR096, SR120, SR125, SR140, SR155, SR175

STD WORM (Standard Worm Reducer)

SW33, SW49, SW60, SW77, SW88, SW96, SW120, SW125, SW140

Stage Worm Reducer

SR088, SR096, SR120, SR125, SR140, SR155, SR175

Mighty Worm Reducer

MTW25, MTW30, MTW40, MTW50, MTW63, MTW75, MTW100, MTW120, MTW135, MTW155

Century Worm Reducer

CTW25, CTW30, CTW40, CTW50, CTW63, CTW75, CTW90, CTW105, CTW110, CTW130, CTW150

Helical Worm Gear Reducer

HW20, HW25, HW30, HW35, HW45, HW60, HW70

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